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The Door Standing Open

The Door Standing Open

The Nightwatch

The Nightwatch


Elaine Comparone, Harpsichord
The Queen's Chamber Band

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on the Web

Three Selections from Scherzi Musicali - Claudio Monteverdi
Quintet in D Major for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Harpsichord and Baroque Guitar (arr. Comparone) - John Christian Bach
Aria from Julius Caesar for Countertenor, Flute, Oboe, Two Violins and Basso Continuo (arr. Coid) - George Frideric Handel
Five Napolitane for Countertenor and Lute - Giacomo Gorzanis
Overture No. 4 in G Major for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo - Antonio Brioschi
Two Galliards and a Pavan - John Dowland

The Critics Say:
"This diverse program has a thread of logic connecting the elements. The composers are Italian, or were influenced by Italian style ... The performances are a delight. All of the vocals (Monteverdi, Gorzanis, Handel) are taken by Marshall Coid, who should become more familiar as news of his prowess gets around. He produces the powerful, yet unforced tone of a true countertenor ... a disc for the adventurous who want to be surprised."



Music for voices and Baroque ensemble
Double CD Set by Composer Elodie Lauten

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CD 1: Agartha or the Realm of Emotion and Experience
CD 2: Akasha or the Realm of the Unknowable

The Critics Say:
"There's a compellingly ritualistic feel to the cycle; Lauten has found a kinship with the minimalists...a rich tapestry that discloses submerged patterns on repeated hearings"

"Deus Ex Machina...is a grand work that we are likely to return to again and again, combining post-minimal and pre-classical musics into a unified, spiritual whole, all colored by the use of 18th-century Velotti temperament...Lauten turns all to gold."

"The beauties of the entire work...are considerable.. There is very little that gives the recording away as being live, and the sound is very good. Recommended"


Judith Lang Zaimont

The Choral Music Society of Southern California
Nick Strimple, Conductor

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The Chase
Meditations At the Time of New Year
I. Dawn
II. Hope
Sunny Airs And Sober
A Question Answered; Winter Mourning; Sigh No More, Ladies; Come Away, Death; Life is a Jest
Excerpts from Sacred Service for the Sabbath Evening

The Critics Say:
"This new release is devoted to (Judith Lang Zaimont's) sacred and secular choral music, mainly from the 1970's and is written in an immediately accessible melodic style. Sunnay Airs and Sober...The five texts are supplied by Shakespeare, Shelley, and Gay/Herrick, with the music graphically picturing the words, and tempos nicely juxtaposed to create a well-balanced cycle of works.

The Choral Society of Southern California is obviously a very fine choir, with a good and just balance of male and female voices. Zaimont's scores are rooted in the tonal music of the Romantic era...(these works) will delight those who believe that music should be readily accessible to performers and listeners. The recording quality is good, placing soloists, choir and accompaniment in a natural perspective."


A Musical Portrait of Allen Ginsberg by Composer Elodie Lauten

Mark Duer, Baritone
Meredith Borden, Tyler Azelton and Sherrita Duran, Sopranos
String Quartet with bass, flute, drums and percussion
Elodie Lauten, Synthesizer

Visit Elodie Lauten on the web at http://www.ElodieLauten.net

May Days 1988/Part I
May Days 1988/Part II
The Charnel Ground/Part I
The Charnel Ground/Part II

Personals Ad
Jumping the Gun on the Sun
Manhattan Thirties Flash
Song: The Weight of the World is Love
Waking in New York/Part I
Waking in New York/Part II
Waking in New York/Part III

During the Summer of 1996, only a few months before his death, the late Allen Ginsberg put together a set of poems on the theme of New York, as suggested by Elodie Lauten for a musical setting. The poems he selected, from Cosmopolitan Greetings 1986-1992, Collected Poems 1947-1980, and White Shroud Poems 1980-1989 are highly autobiographical and reveal some of his most intimate thoughts.

Waking in New York is scored for baritone, soprano and mezzo soprano, percussion, double bass, string quartet and flute. The music closely follows Ginsberg's own flow of mental associations, which act as triggers of rhythm changes and key modulations.

The Critics Say:
"Despite the formality of its cantata-like structure, Waking in New York is certainly one of the most intimate large-scale vocal works ever written.(...) This is a large work for Lauten, but large works have become her metier; her recent Deus Ex Machina Cycle for singers and baroque ensemble was 100 minutes long ... Waking in New York's hovering harmonies, gentle but relentless momentum, and chantlike melodies remind one of another great vocal work, from the 1920s: Erik Satie's Socrate, based on the last words of Socrates.(...) It's worth remembering that Socrate was one of Frank Zappa's favorite pieces. Born in Paris, daughter of the jazz dummer Errol Parker, Lauten seems a legitimate heir to Satie's imperturbable aesthetic."

"Blues melodies, gospel and pop as a song cycle. (...) Waking in New York is actually a lovely, effective and affecting song cycle for vocal ensemble and orchestra. Ms. Lauten has treated Ginsberg's poetry and its underlying spirit carefully, even reverently. She tucked its personal and sometimes diarylike texts into her own agreeably melodic and ecclectic style, but she also appears to have listened carefully for traces of the music that animated Ginsberg's soul.."

"The poetry of Allen Ginsberg has inspired a wide range of composers from Lee Hyla (whose Howl pits the Kronos Quartet against a recording of Ginsberg reading his celebrated poem) to Philip Glass (whose Ginsberg settings include the eclectic Hydrogen Jukebox and Symphony No. 6 which is a Mahlerian adaptation of Ginsberg's "Plutonian Ode"). In terms of authenticity, however, all are trumped by Elodie Lauten, who actually was Ginsberg's roommate during the 1970s. Lauten's Waking In New York, a poly-stylistic musical mélange residing somewhere between musical theatre and a requiem, is Lauten's moving memorial to her creative mentor who encouraged her to pursue a career as a composer."

"I would (strongly) recommend giving this a listen. One thing that struck me as undeniable is the thrououghly American quality of this music. I couldn't stop thinking of Copland and Bernstein and how enthusiastic they surely would have been about this project...this is music of Gotham updated to our (pre-9/11) times, immortalized by one of its best poetic voices, and put into motion by a composer in tune with the pulse of her city...it may be the beginnings of a new serious musical theater."


The Music of Luis Antonio Escobar

Performed by Americas Vocal Ensemble
Nelly Vuksic, Conductor

Visit the Americas Vocal Ensemble online at http://www.americasvocalensemble.org.

Cántica #15 — Me perdonan estas coplas
Cántica #5 — Eres un granito de oro
Cántica #8 — El del sombrerito 'e jipa
Cántica #9 — Dende aqui te estoy mirando
Cántica #11 — Cuando espero no venis
Cántica #12 — Me topé con una niña
Cántica #21 — De tres amores que tengo
Cántica #16 — Cuando la vide venir
Cántica #17 — La vida se pasa pronto
Cántica #20 — Te arrullo en tu cuna
Cántica #18 — Lucero de la mañana
Cántica #10 — Si nos hemos de morir
Cántica #7 — Yo me enamoré del aigre
Cántica #4 — Me perdonan estas coplas
Duerme agua en tu nombre
Todo esto es el amor
Al oido de la poesia
Cántica #1 — Cánticas si no cantara
Cántica #2 — Cuando la vide venir
Cercania de la muerte
Tu reino de alas blancas
Poema equivoco del Juglar ebrio
Variaciones sobre un añejo temilla
En la luna que he contado

The re-issue of this recording is made possible, in part, by a generous grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Programs.

The Critics Say:
"The tiny (only eight singers) Americas Vocal Ensemble - formerly known as the Manhattan Vocal Ensemble - is a most excellent professional group devoted to the music of the Americas, from the colonial era to the present ... Their smooth and refined singing leaves nothing to be desired. ... We have yet explored only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hispanic choral music from the new world, but Escobar's music is a truly happy discovery. The remastered sound is excellent, and we get full texts and translations."

"This recording...is a fine testament to the Argentine-born, New York-based composer Nelly Vuksic and her longtime championing of Latin american Composers in the U.S. Here, Vuksic finds a similar well-traveled spirit in Luis Antonio Escobar...From his country's folkloric roots his music springs - particularly in works with text, which his music fits with subtlety and poetic delicacy...As with early European a cappella vocal forms, to which these pieces clearly allude, an artless simplicity is the key...Vuksic's singers clearly have a taste of the soil in their mouths...clearly connected with the material."

"...the overall Œsignature¹ of the music is that of a sensitive composer. In this the composer is matched by the performers in this attractive and often lovely music...an attractive set of voices and they are ideal for this music."

"With such finely honed singing under the sure hand of Nelly Vuksic...we get nothing but 49 minutes of total enchantment."


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